Most popular interior door style for home

We all know the importance of doors, they don’t only allow entry and exit from homes but also within rooms. Moreover they also play an important part in controlling the style of your interior.

Doors provide privacy yet allow movement but the availability for the wide variety in them ensures many possibilities for introducing style along with function.

Depending on the architecture of your house different types of doors will be suitable for different areas and functions while add-ons such as carvings or glass panels can be made for beautification. Here are great options for high quality  doors that are the most popular interior door style for home.

most popular interior door style

Slab Doors

These are the mostly used and basic kind of doors perfect for any room entrances, cupboards and also cabinets. They can be kept flat for simplicity of given a textured finished or colour to add variety or to match with a colour theme.

They can also be carved in multiple possible ways for an excellent finish and moreover they can be customised with glass finish, for a stunning touch go for tinted or painted glass and insert it in panels along with wood, even nail up a canvas print!

Mirrors can also be added to make them perfect for any dressing area.

Most popular interior door style

French Doors

These are slightly more expensive then slabs because they consist of two door panels and are much wider. They lock in the middle and can be swung inwards or outwards.

They are great for a wide space on a wide wall especially leading to outdoors, possibly the backyard. Since they can swing both ways their needs to be a clear area on both sides thus they are not very appropriate for rooms but can work really well for a good sized drawing or dining room.

They consist of glass panels in between so they allow the space to look much bigger then actual and allow in natural light to pass through.

A wide variety of colours and textures are available which can be matched along by a picture canvas on a nearby wall. High quality wood used for making a attractive and strong door and also door colours should be according to home furniture.

Gliding Doors

These types of doors have two to four panels which slide past each other to allow entry or exit. You need a wide wall or space to incorporate these for enough sliding but they are highly suitable if your rooms are small and there is not enough space for doors to be swinging.

May finishes are available from wood to glass and even panels. Add beauty for home you can decorated of these types of door with full colourful painting and used high quality material for this purpose.

Decorated doors important for over all home decor purpose and all doors should be well decorated with different techniques.

Dutch Doors

This door is divided into two halves, horizontally, each of which can be opened separately. They are good if you have fewer windows and want your door to serve as one, the top can always be left open in such cases, and pets can also be kept out with this technique.

They are suitable for the kitchen or front or back doors but are inappropriate for rooms.  It should be decorated with a stylish wooden that looking pretty and amazing. Great benefits for open it separated and it’s not cover big space. Its spread only few space cause for separated open.

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