Caring for hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is popularly used in all over the world. Once your hardwood floor has been installed, your home will get a comfortable feeling. After this, what next? How do you ensure that your new investment is properly maintained? Well, you need to use appropriate floor care products, or probably get assistance from professional cleaning services. Today we will cover briefly about caring for hardwood flooring.

caring for hardwood flooring

Floor Mat

Floor mats are commonly used on hardwood floors. These mats prevent the floor from getting damaged by small particles such as dirt that easily scratch the wood. By ensuring that you have placed a floor mat at each entry, those entering the room will be encouraged to clean their feet on the mat. In addition to this, the floor mats should also put in areas where water is splashed often such us next to the kitchen sink. This will prevent your floor from water damage.

It is vital to note that the non – ventilated and rubber backed rugs or mats can cause immense damage to your floor. This is the reason why you should use only rugs that have been specially designed for hardwood floors.

caring for hardwood flooring

Cleaning and Maintenance

Yes, hardwood floors are beautiful, but, they must be cleaned regularly. By taking care of this kind of floor, it will maintain its original beauty for a long time. You can choose to clean this floor on your own, but, hiring the services of a residential cleaning service is an excellent idea. You will avoid getting all dirty when cleaning the floor since the professionals will do it for you. Since cleaning hardwood flooring requires equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, you can hire professional cleaning services to do the job since they will come with their own equipment.

caring for hardwood flooring

The beauty of hiring professionals is that they know which cleaning products are recommended for removing the spills and stains that are evident on hardwood flooring. Some of the manufacturers of the pre-finished floor recommend specific products for cleaning. You can confirm this with the retailer.

What to avoid caring for hardwood flooring

There are certain things that you should not do when cleaning the hardwood floor:

1. Avoid waxing the wood floor using urethane finish.

2. Do not use oil soaps or ammonia cleaners on the wood floor since they make the finish look dull.

3. Avoid using too much water when cleaning the floor.

What to do caring for hardwood flooring

1. Ensure that the cleaners you use to not leave behind residue or film.

2. Utilize professional cleaning services to get rid of heel marks and occasional scuffs.

3. Ensure that the sticky spots are cleaned using a sponge or damp towel.

4. Minimize clean spills and water exposure.


This process entails the process of grinding the polyurethane finish of the floor after which new urethane coats are applied. The end result is a fresh looking rejuvenated floor.

Refinish and sanding is recommended for severely damaged floors. This procedure entails sanding the hardwood floor and, then refinishing it. The residential cleaning service will do this when recoating and screening are not able to provide a solution.

Lastly, you should make efforts to protect any investment that you make and this is not an exception with hardwood floor cleaning.

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