Kitchen remodel ideas before and after

Kitchen Remodeling

The heart and soul of any house is usually the kitchen. It receives the most traffic, the most wear and tear, and the most use. As such, making sure that your kitchen is clean, up-to-date, and well-designed will not only bring you tremendous personal satisfaction for the duration of your stay in the house, but it will also help you fetch a higher asking price when it comes time to sell. Almost any potential home buyer will instantly gravitate towards the kitchen area and view this space as a “microcosm” of the rest of the home. Today we will focus briefly on kitchen remodel ideas before and after.

Floor retiling and cabinet refacing are probably the most popular kitchen remodeling activities out there. But they are by no means representative of all you can do in order to improve your kitchen space. How are your light fixtures, faucets, and gas gauges? Is your current kitchen space optimized for maximum use? Is there room for an island? How is the ventilation? What about the wallpaper, paint, and ceiling? Is there sufficient natural light? Is your kitchen even in the best location? Would it be possible to convert another room in your house? Do you have modern kitchen equipment and appliances? These are just some of the ways one can improve his or her kitchen.

Unless you know what you’re doing 100%, it is almost always best to go with a professional contractor when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Not only can they complete everything in a fraction of the time, but they can also ensure that any changes (structural or otherwise) adhere strictly to state and federal regulations. True, professional kitchen remodeling often costs more than do-it-yourself projects, but guaranteed, the asking price, when it comes time to sell, will be substantially higher if your kitchen has a professional touch through and through.

Kitchen Sinks

Improve the look of your kitchen. If you are thinking of selling your home or you just want to smarten it up a little, then take a close, critical look at your kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks get a lot of use resulting in wear and tear. In many kitchens they represent a focal point – so if yours is not looking its best, then maybe its time to do away with a chipped, cracked or stained sink and invest in something that will give you years of service and brighten up your kitchen.

What types are available? Ceramic sinks are hard wearing and can take any amount of heat or harsh chemicals. They look particularly good in traditionally styled homes with a wooden drainer and brass faucets. Plain stainless steel is probably the most economical option; it has timeless appeal and will blend in with virtually any style. Steel is particularly durable, heat resistant, and stains can be removed easily.

The color of bare stainless steel cannot be changed. If you are looking to co-ordinate you kitchen sink with the rest of your kitchen’s color scheme, then you will need a man-made material or enameled steel. You can choose from all sorts of colors from green to blue, black, white, or cream. With general daily use, they will not crack or chip however cheaper products may not be heat resistant and some chemicals may damage them. Some companies provide a service where you can have your sink and drainer incorporated into a seamless counter top. This is the most expensive option, but the result is extremely durable and hygienic.

Kitchen Counter Tops

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add value to your home is to replace your kitchen counter tops. In every kitchen the counter top is a focal point as this is where your time is spent in the kitchen – working on the counter. Cabinets can be refaced, painted or stained, but when you have an outdated counter top style or a warped or cracked counter top there is nothing to do but to replace.

An experienced professional can replace your counter tops in an afternoon, no matter how elaborate your kitchen layout might be. If you want to include new kitchen counter tops in your home improvement project you’d do well to turn to the pros. With time, a house can warp and it’s not as simple as throwing the new counter top on and screwing and gluing it down. Frequently subtle modifications have to be made to fit cabinets and walls that aren’t level or straight. Additionally, many homeowners have damaged their cabinets by attempting to remove the old counter top themselves.

When considering new kitchen counter tops you’ll find that you have many choices: granite, concrete, Corion, and the most common – laminate, or Formica. Don’t think that to improve the value of your home you have to spend big bucks on fancy counter tops. Simply installing new counter tops will do a lot not only to your home’s worth, but also to your enjoyment of your kitchen.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Cabinet resurfacing, sometimes called cabinet refacing, is an inexpensive way to re-invent your kitchen or bathroom. Removing the original doors and drawer fronts that are attached to your wall, cupboard and drawer units and replacing them with new ones will achieve this. You also have the option of replacing the door handles and drawer handles as well as the cupboard hinges.

There exists a multitude of styles, materials, colors, textures and finishes from which you can choose in order to achieve your new style interior and the beauty of cabinet resurfacing is that you can avoid the time consuming and expensive process of employing a contractor to remodel your interior and instead replace just the front surfaces of all the units.

How cabinet resurfacing can increase the appeal of your home? By doing the relatively uncomplicated job of resurfacing your cabinets you save time and, perhaps more importantly, you increase the value of your home. The salability of the house is improved because the appeal of a fresh looking, up-to-date kitchen and bathroom will attract the house buyers that the old unattractive cabinets might have dissuaded.

You can choose from several different woods and explore the natural material route for transformation or you can opt for a laminate surface, thereby obtaining a more expensive look, such as mahogany for example, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Whichever look you decide to use, this improved interior styling will put your home into the higher price bracket reserved for modernized homes.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen without spending a lot of money, then cabinet refacing is the answer. You’ll end up with a dazzling new kitchen design for a fraction of the cost of a full scale kitchen remodeling. The process is fairly simple – and one that can dramatically change the look and functionality of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process that includes refacing the door fronts and drawers of your cabinets. Start by examining your kitchen cabinets. If they are sturdy, yet lack the flair of today’s cabinetry, then cabinet refacing is a good option.

A kitchen cabinet refacing company will do an evaluation that involves measuring your cabinets and discussing your goals. You’ll need to decide what type of wood species and style you want, whether it is contemporary, transitional or traditional, for example. Do you want white cabinets or a rich wood look?

There also are ways to enhance the functionality of your kitchen through a cabinet refacing project. You can add storage dividers, roll out drawers, decorative hardware and other helpful features. Many people also use this time to replace the kitchen countertop, sink and faucet, which can really enhance the whole cooking and cleaning experience. These types of kitchen upgrades also can increase the value of your home and make it more marketable for sale.

Kitchen cabinet refacing has become a hot project for many home owners, as it helps rejuvenate the kitchen without the mess, cost and disruption that comes with kitchen remodeling. The low cost is another benefit, as it allows many home owners to get the look they want without overstepping their budget.

Replacement Cabinet Doors

What are the Benefits of Replacement Cabinet Doors? If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen, but don’t want to pay for a complete re-fit, then consider the benefits of replacing your kitchen cabinet doors. Maybe you are thinking of selling your home, but think that the kitchen is looking less than immaculate and it might put potential buyers off – replacement of kitchen cabinet doors can make a huge impact for a lot less than the cost of a brand new kitchen.

Thinking of Extending your Kitchen? If you want to extend the storage space in your kitchen and cannot match the originals, then replacing the doors will give the effect of matching units. If you are trying to keep costs as low as possible, you can get pre-used kitchen cabinets, which work out a lot more economical than buying brand new units.

Can all Kitchen Cabinet Doors be replaced? So long as the cabinet carcasses are sound and a standard size, you can remove the doors and drawer fronts and replace them. The effect that replacement kitchen doors have can be stunning. You can turn a modern kitchen into a traditional colonial look with shaker style painted doors; or maybe raised and fielded pine doors with antique handles are more to your taste.

Alternatively you can produce a smooth and sleek style with flat panels finished with a metalized texture or you could go for industrial chic with chrome and brushed steel. Whatever effect you are after, replacement of the kitchen cabinet doors can be the foundations of the style you want to achieve at a very economical price.

Importance of Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Home security systems have grown in popularity in recent years, as home owners look for ways to protect their personal space and enhance their home values. If you’re considering adding a home security system, here is an overview of the features.

Today’s home security systems offer many high tech options that can be programmed into a wired or wireless system. Among the protective measures are motion sensors, door and window contacts and high tech alarms. During a burglary or fire, for example, information about your home and the emergency are sent to a central command center that relays information to the appropriate authorities.

These systems help boost housing values by adding sophisticated technology that translates to peace of mind and security for home owners. In many cases, home security systems also help lower home owner’s insurance bills. Insurance companies realize that a well-protected house can lead to fewer insurance claims.

Security monitoring is another important facet of the home security system business. While a professionally installed security system is important, it has to be backed with solid monitoring and response. When talking to companies about home security systems, look for a firm with a solid track record in your community, 24-hour response service, reasonable prices and courteous personal service.

Whether you want burglary protection, fire protection, emergency medical assistance or a combination of these features, there is a home security system that can meet those needs. This is a great way to add peace of mind and upgrade your home to help increase its value.

Home Smoke Detectors

Why Do I Need A Home Smoke Detector? We all think it’s never going to happen to us, but fires do happen in the home. If you are not around to take notice of warning signals such as smoke, or maybe you are asleep, then it may be too late to save your home.

Even if your possessions are not burnt, they can be badly damaged by smoke, or water used by the fire service to put the fire out. Some things are just irreplaceable; like old photographs, letters, your children’s first paintings, or a wedding dress. If you are asleep, you may not notice the smoke, and you might suffer from smoke inhalation; in a worst-case scenario you could die.

What Types Of Home Smoke Detector Are Available? Home smoke detectors are cheap and simple to install. Many only cost a few dollars. Some run on batteries, so if the power supply to your home is cut off for some reason, the alarm will still work. Unfortunately many people fail to check the batteries and die every year as a result. Make sure you are not one of them, by regularly testing the home smoke detector and changing the battery if necessary.

If you think you might be one of these people who forgets to check, then maybe a rechargeable model would suit you better. They are slightly more expensive than the battery operated variety, but they can be fitted into a light socket. The internal battery charges up whenever the light is switched on. For the sake of a few dollars you could save your own life and that of your family.

Home Fire Alarm Systems

According to a report from the United States Fire administration in 2000: every 10 seconds an American home suffers a fire, one a minute is serious enough to call the Fire Service. Someone is killed in a home fire every two and half hours — that’s over 3,500 people killed in 2000 alone. Another 20,000 people are injured in home fires in a typical year. They all thought it wouldn’t happen to them.

Many people have a smoke detector, but sometimes that isn’t enough. If you regularly fail to check the batteries or live in a building that is difficult to monitor with standard smoke detectors, then maybe you need a home fire alarm system. Many systems are part of a home security system. If you are thinking about an intruder alarm it’s worth checking out the options available for a combined intruder and fire alarm system.

These systems generally consist of smoke and heat detectors. This control system usually operates from house power, but has a back up battery in the event of a power outage. A fire alarm system will give you more flexibility in locating heat and smoke sensors. As well as alarms, you can also get flashing lights – this is a useful addition if you have somebody who has impaired hearing.

A home fire alarm system is the only way your home can be connected to a remote monitoring service; so even if you are not at home, the fire service will be notified. If you have a disabled relative who cannot leave the premises unaided, then this type of system can give you peace of mind.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas that claims many lives in this country. Every home owner should understand how carbon monoxide poisoning occurs and how to prevent it. This type of poisoning occurs from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, such as wood, gasoline and natural gas. The danger is very real inside a home, as most people have gas water heaters, fireplaces, ovens, space heaters, dryers and other products that can pose a risk.

The best way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is by installing carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms and appliances – and keeping all appliances in good working order. Carbon monoxide detectors work by setting off an alarm if the carbon monoxide level reaches a certain level.

Carbon monoxide is dangerous – and sometimes fatal – when people are exposed to high levels of it during a short period of time or to low levels over a long period of time. Among the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are shortness of breach, headaches and nausea. Babies, children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with certain ailments are the most sensitive to carbon monoxide.

It is important to note that carbon monoxide detectors need a continuous power supply, so electric ones can become ineffective if the power is shut off. Many models have back-up battery power as well. If a carbon monoxide detector sounds, call for emergency assistance and get family members to fresh air. When buying carbon monoxide detectors look for ones that have been tested by a recognized facility, such as Underwriter’s Laboratory.

Replacement doors interior and exterior for home

Replacement Doors

As a homeowner, it is important that you understand a few things about security. If a potential burglar who wants in, he or she can eventually find a way. However, your goal is to make break-ins and burglaries as difficult as possible. The average burglar won’t want to spend more time than necessary. Thus, if you install replacement doors, you can make breaking into your house as unattractive as possible. But this is only one reason why installing replacement doors is a great idea.

Replacement doors can also help reduce your monthly energy bills. Because they can help insulate your home, you don’t need to spend as much money cooling or heating your home during summers and winters.

In addition, replacement doors can substantially improve the overall value of your home. When prospective buyers come to inspect your house, have your real estate agent point out the extra security and insulation that your recently installed replacement doors ad. They will help you fetch a much higher asking price when it comes time to sell.

When it comes to the security of your home and your family, why take chances? Unless you are licensed and trained in door installation, you should definitely hire a professional for this particular task. He or she will know exactly what steps must be taken in order to guarantee your personal safety. In addition, replacement door outfits provide guarantees and warranties that you yourself cannot.

French Doors

Looking for ways to open up interior spaces or connect a favorite room with the outdoors? Considering adding French doors to add style and functionality to your home. French doors are a set of vertical doors that open inward or outward, depending on the goal.

They often are used to separate a dining room from a living room or to provide an elegant exit from a family room to a patio. French doors are designed in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from traditional oak doors with divided light sections to more contemporary clear glass doors with low maintenance trim.

When selecting a spot for French doors, look for rooms that seem cramped or without enough light. By adding French doors in the opening of a small den, for example, you can make the space more inviting and help bring in light. Many home owners add French doors leading from a living room to a front porch or from a family room to a patio. This type of design adds style and elegance, while allowing the home owners to keep track of the activity on the other side of the door.

French doors often are sold with coordinating screen doors, to make it easier to catch a summer breeze at night without worrying about insects or letting the dog out. Others can be ordered with storm doors to keep out the winter cold.

French doors are a valuable addition to the home, as they enhance the style and livability of a home. This often leads to increased home values, as the space becomes more appealing.

Interior French Doors

What Are Interior French Doors? Interior French doors are pairs of doors that are designed to fill a double width doorway. They can be opened out flat against the wall creating a feeling of light and space without being obtrusive.

You can get interior French doors manufactured from a variety of different materials depending on what your requirements are. You may prefer metal frames, timber, MDF, PVC, or fiberglass. All these materials have their benefits and disadvantages. You can also choose between single or double paned interior French doors for noise reduction.

What Can Interior French Doors Add To My Home? Interior French doors are very versatile. If you have one large room, you can create two smaller ones by installing interior French doors. When the doors are opened back flat against the wall, the double width doorway gives the impression of space. If one of you wants to watch television, but another wants to read, then you can close the interior French doors and create two separate rooms with little loss of natural light.

You may find them particularly useful if your children want to play a noisy game, but maybe you want to read the newspaper in peace! Maybe you entertain frequently; you can close the French doors on the remains of your dinner party and move to the other room for coffee. Whether the interior French doors are open or closed, they will add a light airy feeling to the room as well as a touch of that classy French elegance.

Exterior French Doors

What Are Exterior French Doors? Exterior French doors are pairs of doors that are designed to fill a double width doorway. They can be opened out flat ageist the wall creating a feeling of light and space.

You can get exterior French doors manufactured from a variety of different materials depending on what your requirements are. You may prefer metal frames, timber or even PVC or fiberglass. All these materials have their benefits and disadvantages. You can also choose between single or double paned exterior French doors for energy conservation or noise reduction.

What Can Exterior French Doors Add To My Home? If you have a pretty garden or yard, the double width of open French doors tricks the eye into believing that the outside area is a natural continuation of the interior making the area feel spacious. When they are closed, you will be protected from the elements, but you will still have the benefit of lots of natural light pouring in from floor to ceiling.

This is particularly useful if you have a dark room that needs all natural light possible. Likewise, if a room is naturally sunny, you can turn it into a suntrap. French doors are very versatile; you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful day, or you can have a ringside seat during a dramatic thunderstorm. Not only are French doors adaptable, but you can also add a touch of classy French elegance you your home.

Patio Doors

If you’re looking to bring in more light to your home, take a peak at what patio doors can do for your floor plan. Patio doors are designed to connect your interior and exterior space, bringing in light and enhancing traffic flow through the home. Many home owners add patio doors between a kitchen and patio or yard, for example, to connect those two important spaces.

When planning a patio door project, the first consideration is the location. In many homes, there is an obvious spot in a kitchen or family room, but some floor plans require a little creativity. As you research patio doors, think about how you and your family move through the house.

If you want a convenient entrance near a garage or side yard, then plan your patio door location accordingly. Another creative option is to add patio doors off of a first floor bedroom. This is ideal for a master suite or guest bedroom, where you want to connect the room with a patio or garden.

The next step is to consider the size and door style. The size often is dictated by the wall framing, but can be changed according to your needs. Patio door styles run the gamut, from clear glass doors that slide horizontally to stationary doors that pull inward or outward. The glass also can have dividing grills for a more traditional look. Think about how you use the space when deciding.

There are many great uses for patio doors, as they help bring in natural light and provide easy access to outdoor space. Look around your house for the perfect spot for an easy transformation.

French Patio Doors

What Are French Patio Doors? French patio doors are designed to let in a maximum amount of light and air when open. They are double doors mounted on hinges, which will allow them to be folded back flat against the wall without obstructing the doorway. The traditional French styling means that there are multiple panes of glass.

This not only adds a little strength, but they look very stylish. If you have young children or an elderly relative, then French patio doors might be your best option from a safety point of view. If single pane patio doors are closed, a child in a hurry to get somewhere can easily run into them and injure itself. You can decide whether to open one door or both. With both doors open, the garden beyond will feel like an integral part of the room.

What Are French Patio Doors Made Of? There are a number of different materials that French patio doors can be manufactured from. You need to think about maintenance, strength needed, weatherproofing, and how much you have to spend. Timber is traditional however, you will need to varnish or paint them regularly – quite a fiddly job with so many panes.

They do have good thermal properties. Steel or aluminum are very strong and will last for many years, but painting is required and the frames tend to suffer from condensation and mould in certain climates. PVC and fiberglass are both available and are generally maintenance free. PVC cannot be painted so choose the color carefully. Fiberglass comes in a range of colors and you can easily repaint them to match a new color scheme.

Sliding Patio Doors

What Are Sliding Patio Doors Made Of? You can choose from a variety of traditional timber frames, which will add warmth and a classic look to your home. These can be stained, varnished, or painted to suit your own personal style. Alternatively you can have sliding patio doors made of steel, which is extremely durable.

There are also sliding patio doors available that are constructed from PVC (poly vinyl chloride or ‘vinyl’) or fiberglass. These types of sliding patio doors are usually maintenance free however fiberglass doors generally come in a wider range of colors. Neither PVC nor fiberglass should discolor or peel. Fiberglass can be coated if you decide to change the change your color scheme at a later date.

What Styles Of Sliding Patio Doors Are Available? Sliding patio doors can generally take more weight than patio doors that swing on hinges. Effective weatherproofing can be very heavy; so if you live in an extreme climate sliding patio doors are probably what you will need. The disadvantage of double sliding patio doors is that one door slides back over the other, so you only ever have half the doorway open to the outside.

Some manufacturers have come up with a different style of sliding patio doors, consisting of three panels instead of two, so you can get a wider opening. If you like the latticed look of French doors, but need the weatherproofing, then multiple paned sliding patio doors are also available so you can get the benefits of effective weatherproofing combined with classic French style.

Sliding Storm Doors

Tired of losing heat through your doors? The answer is a sliding storm door. Storm doors are a valuable product, as they help insulate the interior of your home and provide energy savings. Storm doors also make your house more comfortable, an intangible yet important feature. These types of doors are particularly helpful in cold climates, but can be beneficial anywhere to reduce energy costs.

One popular product is the sliding storm door, as it is easy to operate and provides plenty of insulating value. This type of door can be added on a patio or other exterior door to help reduce air infiltration. Sliding storm doors also are a modest investment, with many priced at $300 or less. The cost can easily be recouped through lower heating bills. This is particularly true in homes with old doors that are not as well insulated and energy efficient as today’s modern doors.

When shopping for a sliding storm door, look for one that is sturdy, well insulated and easy to install. You want a storm door that is easy to put in place and will not shift once installed. Otherwise, you risk air infiltration and reduced energy savings. Many storm doors also have modern glazing that reduces energy loss. If the door has a metal framing, it might have foam insulation for added benefits. Some doors can be removed for ease of cleaning.

Sliding storm doors can provide a valuable service, particularly on cold winter nights. Look for a durable door and a company that provides reliable installation and service.

Is buying a home a good investment?

Investing in property is probably one of the best things to do. Everyone needs a home and there’s no better way to live happily in a house that will certainly sell for more than the cost price, in the future. Online first home owner firms can help all the way from:-

  • The financial aspect
  • Choice of land
  • Construction of a new home

Building a home whether for a first home buyer, couple or family, is always an exciting time. Get the help that’s on offer regarding grant application processes and other important information such as stamp duty. There are often incentives to take advantage of like stamp duty being waived on land up to a certain amount in value, good news! To make enquiries just make a quick telephone call or click on to live chat facilities.

is buying a home a good investment

Check out display homes

There are many display homes to see before buying a new property. All are built to high specs without compromising on the quality of materials. Expect amazing value for money properties built by leading home building companies who have awards to prove their expertise. Display homes can be bought that feature:-

  1. 3 or 4 bedrooms often with en suite bathrooms
  2. Cutting edge designed spacious living rooms
  3. Fully equipped kitchens
  4. Patio areas
  5. Car parking facilities

All furnishings are of the highest quality, elegant and stylish. No matter what the budget, there’s sure to be a property that will suit. Ask about finance options so a dream home can become a reality.

Consultants who help from start to finish

When it comes to buying a first home, expect friendly consultants to help from start to finish. Don’t make mistakes regarding mortgages, loans or government grants. Online first home buying firms can be of enormous assistance especially if this is the first time of entering the home buying market. Find out about grants for eligible applicants to make fantastic savings on a new build. It’s highly recommended to use the finest home builders in Perth who specialist in unique designs that suit everyone’s lifestyle.  Check below for more info and advice on:-

  • Quality constructions
  • New home builders and what they offer
  • Designs of properties
  • Display homes
  • Savings systems
  • Special offers and deals

Check out online galleries to get an idea of what a finished home can look like, absolutely stunning. By clicking on relevant websites find out about house and land packages too.

Read the many reviews

Why not read the many reviews featured too? Lots of people who have had homes designed by first home buying companies have left comments, like the following:-

  1. Kept informed at each stage of the building process.
  2. Helpful and professional staff.
  3. Extremely satisfied with the build, love it.
  4. Value for money and great customer service
  5. A great experience, highly recommended

There’s nothing quite like owning a beautiful, uniquely designed home, find out more!

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Is buying a home a good investment?”. Hope read and enjoy!

All About LED Office Lighting

A few of the energy bulbs in the left wing of your office have popped their clogs and are no longer useful. You may think that among the sea of bulbs, a few dead bulbs would not leave a significant impact. Today we will briefly cover all about LED office lighting.

However, it is the poor employee sitting under one of the dead bulbs who bears the brunt of the dim effects. Replacing one bulb at a time is also a pain in the neck. Not to mention, it is time-consuming, disturbs the office hours if the electrician is available only during that period, and adds to the overall bill.

More often than not, employees feel their concentration sizzling into an all-time low. Some even feel their energies shooting down as little light indicates comfortable hours of relaxation.

Others have to strain their eyes to focus on their work. Not only you, but your employees also feel the effects of this almost daily drill. 

One way to break through this regular practice is to use LED lights in the office. It is an efficient and effective means of lighting the office that promotes a refreshing atmosphere.

LED Office Lighting

LED lighting not only provides consistent light that encourages a positive and alert work environment, but they also provide support for a long time as these lights have a long lifespan. Another treat from the bag of LED lights is that they let you save money and energy.

One way to break through this regular practice is to use LED lights in the office. It is an efficient and effective means of lighting the office that promotes a refreshing atmosphere.

LED lighting not only provides consistent light that encourages a positive and alert work environment, but they also provide support for a long time as these lights have a long lifespan. Another treat from the bag of LED lights is that they let you save money and energy.

The Meaning of LED Lights

It is first essential to understand and remove any misunderstanding regarding the meaning of LED lights. Without further ado, here is the definition of LED lights. LED stand for light emitting diode.

It is the latest energy-efficient technology that employs semiconductor devices to convert electricity into light. LEDs use about 85% less energy than other forms of light bulbs.

The Edge of LED Lights Over Traditional Bulbs

There is a lot of difference between LED lighting system and traditional light bulbs such as halogen and incandescent lighting.

Firstly, they differ in the way the light is produced. Incandescent bulbs pass light over a thin filament wire, whereas an LED produces light by employing a semiconductor.

The semiconductor emits light when electricity passes through it. On the flip side, regular energy-saving bulbs pass light through mercury vapor in order to produce light. The vapor is then absorbed by a coat of phosphor inside the lamp that causes the glow.

All these bulbs have a different lifespan as well. LED lights have an estimated life of 25,000-50,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs brighten up for an average of 1000 hours, and halogen lights live for 1000-5000 hours.

The estimated figures show that LED lights have a much longer lifespan than all other sources of lighting.

They differ in energy efficiency. Since the lifespan of halogen and incandescent bulbs is significantly lower than the LED lights, they save less money, as constant replacements are required.

LED lights have an advantage in energy efficiency too as they feed on about 85% less energy as other sources of light. It is, therefore, safe to say that LED lights are super energy-savers and are significant assets in cutting down power bills.

Lastly, LED lights instantly switch off when you flick the light as compared to other bulbs that leave a dim glow in their wake. This saves you from any trouble of waiting.

Benefits of LED Office Lighting

The advantages of using LED lighting in the office can be explained under broad categories. These are mentioned below:

Advantages for Employees

While there is a lot of hype about the environmental and monetary benefits of the usage of LED lights, there are a lot more bright positives for the employee as well.

Reduces Strain and Stress

Various reports have shown the positive effects of light and its influence on the work performance, energy, mood, alertness and vigilance of office staff.

A survey conducted by Kensington Technology Group marked eyestrain as the chief reason behind physical stress in the office. LEDs provide consistent bright light that reduces eyestrain. Therefore, it also reduces stress and anxiety.

Increase in Productivity

68% of people in the workplace are concerned about the lighting system according to the findings of a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Designer. Also, a study made at the Cornell University revealed that productivity declined by 2% every year due to poor lighting.

The same survey also showed that the productivity of an employee has the potential to rise by 3% to 5% by using LED office lighting.

Reduces Headaches and Migraines

Proper illumination is a need of the hour. This is where LED lighting boosts its advantages. LED lights emit light in a single, particular direction that cuts the need of using diffusers and reflectors that lower light. LEDs also do not flicker; it is a constant source of light. This is good news for all those employees who face constant headaches or migraines.

Promotes a Healthy and Balanced Circadian Cycle

LED lights also help improve the circadian rhythm. Recent work in LED technology has allowed it to copy natural light, and research reveals that adequate exposure to natural light promotes a regular rhythm of the circadian cycle. By mimicking natural lights, LED lights seem to do a favor to the circadian rhythm.

Use of Green Technology

Mother Nature has done us many favors, and we have only returned a terrible thanks. Ozone depletion, carbon dioxide emissions, and pollutions of all kinds are some of the ways we have damaged the environment.

The use of LED lights helps us return favors on a positive note to our planet. By employing LED lights, we reduce carbon emission in the atmosphere. LED lights are green technology which is beneficial for the planet and, in the long run, for the future. Additionally, it is good for the image of the company.

Economic Benefits

LED light fixtures are the epitome of long lifespans. Recent developments have extended the lifetime of these lights to a minimum of 50,000 hours. Some fixtures also come with a lifespan of 100,000 hours or 150,000 plus hours.

The maintenance cost also jumps to a low as replacing LED lights isn’t a regular activity. With a life of 20 years and higher resistance to vibrations and shocks, LED lights are more durable than other forms of lighting. Hence, LED lights are an effortless way of keeping your offices bright all day long without any fuses while saving your time and money as well as the atmosphere.

Design Flexibility

LED lights can be molded into any shape to provide efficient illumination. Individual LEDs can also be dimmed so that you can easily control light and its distribution. This can provide great lighting effects that are suitable and beneficial not only for the eye but also for one’s mind.

The design is also flexible in the sense that LED lights can be used anywhere and in different kinds of workplaces.

Use of LED Lights in the Office

Ranging from LED tube lights to LED light panels, emergency bulbs and GU10 bulbs for lamps, there are a lot of options to choose from. Selecting the right source of lighting is essential and must be done wisely to suit your budget and workplace requirements.

Uses of LED lights in the office are innumerable. They can be utilized for lighting the office ceiling or in desktop lamps. Since they are cost-efficient, durable and flexible, LED lights can be employed anywhere in the workplace and for all kinds of purposes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Lights for the Office

Here is a quick list of things that need to be taken into consideration before getting LED lights for your office:

The Aim of the Project

Whether setting up a new office or replacing the lighting system of an existing one, it is essential to keep in mind the purpose of illumination. The lighting may be for a school, office, or bank. Each of these workplaces demands a different source of light. Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of light that would be needed in the workplace.

In case you’re replacing old bulbs, you need to know that there are two main types of light bulb bases: a pin base and a screw base. Choose the shape of the light bulb according to the shape of the fixture so that it fits in it.

Work Involved

Another thing to consider is the type and workload involved. If the employees are using computers throughout the day, then intense brightness is not required. Bright levels of light will make it difficult for them to see on the screens.

Also, whatever the task the employees are doing, they would always need some uplight. Uplight is a form of indirect illumination that not only eliminates glare but also promotes uniformity by balancing the contrast between the light source and surrounding area. It also minimizes shadows.

However, an excess of uplight is not desirable, as it will result in an effect like a faint light called the cloudy day effect. Therefore, downlight must also be provided. This can be achieved by perforated holes or by lenses in the base of the lighting fixture that will give a bright atmosphere.

Color Rendering

Color rendering scales how an object appears to the human eye by a light source. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a scale of 0 to 100 percent that indicates how accurate a given light is showing the actual color to the human eye.

The higher the CRI, the more vibrant or closer to the natural color objects appear to the eye. A light source of 100 CRI has the ability to show the same view of an object as in daylight. CRI of 85 to 90 is considered adequate for most workplaces.

However, if the work in the office demands color distinction with the utmost accuracy (for example, if your office works with design), then a CRI of 100 is a must.

Space Versatility

An office that is located in a school today may be used for some other purpose tomorrow. While installing lighting system, keep in mind flexibility of the design so that the room may be able to accommodate any changes in the future.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). This describes how a light appears when a human eye directly sees the bulb. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • 2700K emits a yellowish white light that creates a personal, warm and cozy mood. It is suitable for commercial hospitality.
  • 3000K gives less yellow and a soft white light. It creates a calm and warm atmosphere which is also suitable for commercial hospitality.
  • 3500K gives a cool, bright white light that is best for commercial lighting as it creates a friendly aura.
  • 4100K gives off a cool, bright white light. A clean and efficient atmosphere prevails in the presence of this color temperature light, which is good for commercial purposes.
  • 5000K is daylight or natural light that is suitable for industrial and business use as it gives a daylight effect.
  • 6500K emits the bluish white source of light that promotes an alert day aura. It is best for industrial institutions.

It is important to know that as the scale of temperature rises, the light gets brighter, leaving behind the yellow effect and going towards fresh white. Keep in mind the office requirements and select the light temperature that is needed.

In a nutshell, here are all the points that need to be taken seriously when choosing LED lighting for your office:

  • Sufficient light depending on the work being done in the workplace
  • Should be flicker-free and glare-free
  • If there are more visual tasks, the light should provide appropriate brightness
  • The lights give off a pleasant white color for maximizing productivity
  • No shadows or distracting reflections
  • The light intensity should be individually adjustable
  • Balance of direct and indirect lighting
  • The need for any maximization of light can be met with the aid of lamps


The bottom line is that LED lights are environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. They are also healthy for the employees, which translates to an active and conducive work environment and increased productivity.

LED lights should be carefully chosen depending on the need and the type and amount of work being conducted at any particular office. They can be effortlessly used in lamps, ceilings, and emergency lights and for illuminating all sorts of areas due to their flexible and durable design.

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Decorating home with the power of lighting

Illumination is one way for designers to improve the aesthetic and feel of your home. Have you ever wondered why minimalist architecture is becoming trendy? It is not about the furnishing but rather about the proper lighting as well. Today we will focus brief information about decorating home with the power of lighting.

By putting up an effective lighting design in an area, you will find it easy to improve the ambiance of your place. Although you may maximize the use of natural light, you also have to take note of proper lighting at night.

It does not have to be costly when you can select fixtures that promote a reduction in electricity bills.

To give you a good start, here are ways of decorating your home with appropriate lighting:

Know the Difference of Decorative Lighting

If your purpose is to decorate your home with lighting, it has always been necessary to concentrate on wall lamps and decorative sconces. These are the fixtures that will provide indirect light. The lights do not generate much distraction or outperform task lights.

Apart from decorative fixtures, you also have accent lights. From the name itself, you can use these to highlight decors, textures, and sculptures.

Task lighting fixtures can serve as a decorative furnishing, but they are meant to produce light on a certain area alone. Normally, you will find it over a desk or countertop.

Light Up the Commonly Neglected Areas

If you light up the spaces or areas that are not properly supplied with illumination, you will definitely bring out the beauty in your home. Among these locations are cupboards, closets, and countertops in your kitchen.

These areas become more useful if they are properly lit. They somehow transform into decors and become more important elements of your abode with the help of lights.

Scales Have Always Been Important

When you are working on a focal point in an area, you should not limit yourself to using lamps. There are more means of giving a room life, such as by using pendant light fixtures. You do not have to worry about the distribution of light in this matter.

There are considerably large lanterns and big floor lamps that will be sufficient for your required room lighting. This will not only help you illuminate hard-to-reach spaces but will also give a little going-over-the-board feel in your home.

Selecting the Right Light Shade Matters

You have to select the right color of lighting in order to put life in your place. Simply remember that you will achieve a colder tone if you utilize white shades. However, white lighting fixtures are capable of giving extra emission of brightness.

Alternatively, if you will use colored shades, you will make your area cooler, creamier, or more relaxing in a way.

Lighting your home is not all about adding brightness to the dark corners of the room. It is also about creating an ambiance. Although it is cheap to maximize natural light, remember that you can play with artificial lights better.

There is a difference when you can select the shade, direction, and brightness level of lighting fixtures. You get more control in order to achieve the home design you want to have.

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Caring for hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is popularly used in all over the world. Once your hardwood floor has been installed, your home will get a comfortable feeling. After this, what next? How do you ensure that your new investment is properly maintained? Well, you need to use appropriate floor care products, or probably get assistance from professional cleaning services. Today we will cover briefly about caring for hardwood flooring.

caring for hardwood flooring

Floor Mat

Floor mats are commonly used on hardwood floors. These mats prevent the floor from getting damaged by small particles such as dirt that easily scratch the wood. By ensuring that you have placed a floor mat at each entry, those entering the room will be encouraged to clean their feet on the mat. In addition to this, the floor mats should also put in areas where water is splashed often such us next to the kitchen sink. This will prevent your floor from water damage.

It is vital to note that the non – ventilated and rubber backed rugs or mats can cause immense damage to your floor. This is the reason why you should use only rugs that have been specially designed for hardwood floors.

caring for hardwood flooring

Cleaning and Maintenance

Yes, hardwood floors are beautiful, but, they must be cleaned regularly. By taking care of this kind of floor, it will maintain its original beauty for a long time. You can choose to clean this floor on your own, but, hiring the services of a residential cleaning service is an excellent idea. You will avoid getting all dirty when cleaning the floor since the professionals will do it for you. Since cleaning hardwood flooring requires equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, you can hire professional cleaning services to do the job since they will come with their own equipment.

caring for hardwood flooring

The beauty of hiring professionals is that they know which cleaning products are recommended for removing the spills and stains that are evident on hardwood flooring. Some of the manufacturers of the pre-finished floor recommend specific products for cleaning. You can confirm this with the retailer.

What to avoid caring for hardwood flooring

There are certain things that you should not do when cleaning the hardwood floor:

1. Avoid waxing the wood floor using urethane finish.

2. Do not use oil soaps or ammonia cleaners on the wood floor since they make the finish look dull.

3. Avoid using too much water when cleaning the floor.

What to do caring for hardwood flooring

1. Ensure that the cleaners you use to not leave behind residue or film.

2. Utilize professional cleaning services to get rid of heel marks and occasional scuffs.

3. Ensure that the sticky spots are cleaned using a sponge or damp towel.

4. Minimize clean spills and water exposure.


This process entails the process of grinding the polyurethane finish of the floor after which new urethane coats are applied. The end result is a fresh looking rejuvenated floor.

Refinish and sanding is recommended for severely damaged floors. This procedure entails sanding the hardwood floor and, then refinishing it. The residential cleaning service will do this when recoating and screening are not able to provide a solution.

Lastly, you should make efforts to protect any investment that you make and this is not an exception with hardwood floor cleaning.

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Most popular interior door style for home

We all know the importance of doors, they don’t only allow entry and exit from homes but also within rooms. Moreover they also play an important part in controlling the style of your interior.

Doors provide privacy yet allow movement but the availability for the wide variety in them ensures many possibilities for introducing style along with function.

Depending on the architecture of your house different types of doors will be suitable for different areas and functions while add-ons such as carvings or glass panels can be made for beautification. Here are great options for high quality  doors that are the most popular interior door style for home.

most popular interior door style

Slab Doors

These are the mostly used and basic kind of doors perfect for any room entrances, cupboards and also cabinets. They can be kept flat for simplicity of given a textured finished or colour to add variety or to match with a colour theme.

They can also be carved in multiple possible ways for an excellent finish and moreover they can be customised with glass finish, for a stunning touch go for tinted or painted glass and insert it in panels along with wood, even nail up a canvas print!

Mirrors can also be added to make them perfect for any dressing area.

Most popular interior door style

French Doors

These are slightly more expensive then slabs because they consist of two door panels and are much wider. They lock in the middle and can be swung inwards or outwards.

They are great for a wide space on a wide wall especially leading to outdoors, possibly the backyard. Since they can swing both ways their needs to be a clear area on both sides thus they are not very appropriate for rooms but can work really well for a good sized drawing or dining room.

They consist of glass panels in between so they allow the space to look much bigger then actual and allow in natural light to pass through.

A wide variety of colours and textures are available which can be matched along by a picture canvas on a nearby wall. High quality wood used for making a attractive and strong door and also door colours should be according to home furniture.

Gliding Doors

These types of doors have two to four panels which slide past each other to allow entry or exit. You need a wide wall or space to incorporate these for enough sliding but they are highly suitable if your rooms are small and there is not enough space for doors to be swinging.

May finishes are available from wood to glass and even panels. Add beauty for home you can decorated of these types of door with full colourful painting and used high quality material for this purpose.

Decorated doors important for over all home decor purpose and all doors should be well decorated with different techniques.

Dutch Doors

This door is divided into two halves, horizontally, each of which can be opened separately. They are good if you have fewer windows and want your door to serve as one, the top can always be left open in such cases, and pets can also be kept out with this technique.

They are suitable for the kitchen or front or back doors but are inappropriate for rooms.  It should be decorated with a stylish wooden that looking pretty and amazing. Great benefits for open it separated and it’s not cover big space. Its spread only few space cause for separated open.

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