7 charming ideas for decorating a small patio

Do you have a small yard and want to make the most of? We have several ideas to tell! From a small table to a miniature garden, you will surely find some you like between these charming ideas for decorating a small patio.

1. A small table

A small table is perfect for decorating a small size patio. You can use the space below to add a plant or garden tools, and on top you can support a book and a cup of tea when you’re out enjoying the fresh air.

decorating a small patio

2. A vertical garden

You thought you could not grow your own tomatoes because you have a large garden? Luckily you’re wrong! Do some research and you will find all possible things that can grow into a vertical garden , from ornamental plants to almost a complete mini orchard. Continue reading

4 key elements of a perfect lighting

What would we be without light? The light coming through the window on Sunday morning, the light that is in front of the mirror so you can see how beautiful lights go out at night or light that lets you find the earring you lost inside the drawers. Light is life and there is no way that is not part of ours, but what we give the importance it deserves? If I were you fixed me in these 4 key elements of a perfect lighting for your home that will make you enjoy your space more than ever and, simultaneously, to achieve an integrated and perfect design.

# 1 Decorative Light

This is my favorite! Who does not like your house look good? Well, invest in decorative light is one of the best ways to achieve this, well; I’d say it’s elementary. Maybe you’re thinking, “I do not have much money to spend on decorative light” and that is one of the misconceptions about this concept ideas, because it can cost a lot less than you think.

perfect lighting

Now, I have a tip for placing decorative perfect lighting perfectly and ideally put lamps, chandeliers or spiders on tables that are static, they do not move or light elements will not look. It would also be great if the lighting elements combine with the “theme” with which is decorated your house, whether it’s a romantic style is good a spider, but it is a vintage style, it might be better to place a hanging light copper color on the dining room table. What do you think? Continue reading

How to decorate a cozy kitchen with little money

The kitchen is considered by many people’s favorite place in the house, perhaps because it is the place to share good moments during breakfast or during the preparation of any food. As the preferred corner, the kitchen must always be well decorated and harmonious to be more intimate or needs to be modified to give a makeover to look after all the changes in home decor can be welcome when we are experiencing a different phase in life or when we need to move furniture because they are old.

Women always care about the look of the kitchen and several love making constant changes to feel happier to cook for your family. In addition to the dishes decorated cloths, colorful mats and plastic objects that can be useful and beautiful at the same time, there are several other things that can be modified or used to decorate a cozy kitchen. The recycling of some objects can be a cheap alternative and amazingly the same time.

decorate a cozy kitchen

Get to know some tips to decorate a cozy kitchen.

Tips for decorating your kitchen

If the chairs are already worn, old, no longer match the other furniture or simply are no longer content to have the same chairs for so long, you can paint them a different color. If you want to give a relaxed and fun air in your kitchen can paint each chair with a different color or you can paint the chair matching the color of the other furniture present in the kitchen. If your closet has a door or colored drawers, you can paint the chairs with the same color to make the kitchen the same color pattern. Continue reading

Decoration for small apartments: tricks to get more space

Who has a small apartment knows how difficult it is to decorate it in a way that it is nice and the environment seems to have more space than it actually has. But you can use some tricks to make the decoration for small apartments proper and best.

Small apartments are those who are between 30 m² and 60 m², which are increasingly common, even in smaller cities. The idea of better use of the space made the properties diminish considerably. Along with this came the solutions. Therefore, experts have had several ideas to get decorating small apartments and let them and charming.

decoration for small apartments

Tips for decorating small apartments

A general tip is to get several features in the same environment, taking advantage of the space to the maximum. But there are other tricks. Then, follow the ideas:

Mirrors: Mirrors help to increase the environment and leave a feeling of even greater comfort. The most common is to opt for a large mirror, but you can choose to place several smaller mirrors combined. The important thing is that they exist and are clean, not to give the opposite of the desired effect. Another idea is to use mirrors in the hallways. Continue reading

How to buy a carpet

When you go to buy a carpet you must take into account many aspects that have to do with the place where it will place, what use will have, what material will be made, etc. Takes note of the following tips to buy a carpet and that is appropriate:

-Keep in mind the place where you going to place, if it is of heavy traffic, if there is moisture… all that will influence the tissues mainly.

buy a carpet

-For places very traveled as halls or rooms, best thing to do is to get a carpet of high traffic or high grade, which are those that have minor tufting. Continue reading

The best tips for decorating balconies and terraces

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace in your home, then make the most out of this space. These are perfect places to welcome your guests and have a good time of fun or quiet, according to their mood.

However, these are often neglected space and its decoration given little importance. It is essential that they are well decorated, so that the time you spend here is really nice and relaxing. Here are some tips for decorating balconies and terraces.

Enjoy every inch

They are usually divisions with some space limitations, and it is vital to have some care in its decoration. The trick is to maximize as much as possible all available space. Do by making the most every available inch and efficiently. Continue reading

Let’s decorate with brown?

The brown is one of those colors that look great in any style of decor. It is a very versatile and hence its great popularity color.

Decorate with Brown is a simple way to make a relaxing, comfortable and very inviting. It is also a color that blends with virtually all others, for what ultimately makes planning the decoration easier and create lots of choice.

Check out upcoming decorating tips. Let’s decorate with Brown?

 decorate with brown

Decorating Tips

If you want a more traditional decor, but no less elegant, opt for brown tones. It combines perfectly with more vintage and antique furniture. Darker brown is complement decor with predominantly wooden furniture. Continue reading

Tips for decorating the bathroom and increment this space of the house

Many people love to decorate the whole house, but they forget that the bathroom is also part of it. Despite being relegated to oblivion, the bathroom can be really beautiful when there is care and attention with this environment. Check out some tips for decorating the bathroom and leave the room even more cozy and beautiful for you, your family and visitors who come to your home.

Tips for bathroom decor

Generally, the bathrooms are bright environments, which are intended to take the idea of hygiene and cleanliness. But you can and should add colorful elements, which will give a more modern and sleek look, and bring a touch charming and different decoration.

decorating the bathroom

Many are updates of trends, among them the use of pads, tracks, etc. To this you can add the use of MDF furniture, Formica or wood blistering, avoiding problems with moisture. Continue reading

Room Interior decoration Ideas

The living room and dining room are the meeting points of family and friends. These rooms have the power to present the style of the person who lives in that house and, therefore, decorative objects are more important than ever! If you have any questions about room interior decoration, learn some tips that can help create an ideal space for you and has your personality.

Decorating Tips for Rooms

You can and should decorate the room of your home the way you prefer. It all depends on your personal taste and what you prefer. A nice tip is to let the walls in light color, especially if it is white, and put colored elements such as cushions, large frames, flowers, among other things. Thus, you give a special touch to the environment without spending too much or worry too much about the furniture. Simply choose them in neutral colors.

Room Interior decoration

Now, if your style is more classic and not want to put too many colors you can choose furniture and elements in similar colors, neutral. For example, a sofa in light brown color with a carpet-like color and a coffee table in wood darker brown. As the colors of the furniture in this case are heavier, remember to leave the walls in light color. Do the contrast between light and dark and no regrets! Continue reading

5 ways to organize the wardrobe room

The wardrobe of the organization of the room is essential. So if you like to have everything neat and organized then check out some tips that you will show to organize the wardrobe room.

Through the use of practical storage systems, ranging from removable accessories modules to suit any space, you can easily gain valuable meters in your room, making the lightest and organized environment.

organize the wardrobe room

Check out the tips, already below!

1 – Storage space

Not always have space for a wardrobe in the room. In Room smaller, every inch count, and a wardrobe is a piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space. If you can not have the wardrobe in the room, then find solutions to integrate storage space elsewhere in the house, for example a runner. Continue reading