If you love plants and do not mind getting dirty, it might be a good idea to start a small landscaping business what’s better than getting money for doing something you like? It is not so difficult to neither organize a landscaping business nor need to have large sums of money. With a little research, patience, perseverance and contacts right, you should have no problems for the business to prosper quickly. Here are some tips to get started.

Check your garage to see what tools you have. If you usually do yard work in your home you probably already have most of the tools that accurate to begin the business. You will need basic gardening tools such as a rake, a shovel and different pruning shears and pruners. It would also be useful to have a tarp, broom or blower, a wheelbarrow and garbage bags. Depending on the number of people who want to hire, try not to make too many expenses barely started. You can buy more goods once the business starts to bear fruit.

small landscaping business

Think about how you will transport the plants. If you have a truck, an SUV or a family is ready to start. If you think you need a small trailer, look in the classified section of your newspaper and probably get a used one for a very good price. At first it is best to save as much as possible. You can improve over time. Many traders plants sent directly bought the workplace if you purchase the minimum amount.

Buy a book of invoices and contract forms to complete. You can also make such contracts or forms from your home Internet. So you can create a form that suits your own requirements. Prepare some business cards. You can also easily make them at home and are not expensive. You want to also have an agenda with a calendar or program so you can keep track of your work.

If you do not have books on gardening and local flora, it would be nice to buy some. Your customers will want the opinion of an expert in the field to know what will grow well in soils, which will look good and it will be easy to maintain. Landscaping work can be expensive, so people want to be sure that it has hired a competent and knowledgeable.

Make sure you have suitable attire for working outdoors. Shoes are very important for gardening, because your feet will protect all that is in the earth. So you do not already have, buy some boots to work. It would not hurt to have a pair of gardening gloves. You never know when you’ll find thorns or sticky plants. It is also advisable to wear a hat and sunscreen when working in the sun.

Decide how much you want to charge for your services and devise a plan for when you get a job. Most gardening is charged according to the type of work and not by the hour. It would be good that you calculate how many hours it will take a job so you can collect the right amount. At the time of pricing, note that many gardeners charge between US $ 15 and US $ 25 per hour. You should also think if you want to get paid for all materials in advance or if you prefer that the client covers only part at first. It is normal to receive advance one half or one third of the money and complete the payment once the work is completed. Another point to consider is whether you think any guarantee for materials or labor. All this should be included in the contract at the time of complete and submit. So, both you and the client get protection in case of future disagreements occur.

How to find work

Delivery business cards to your relatives, neighbors and friends. You will be surprised how useful can be you know to help you get a job. Once they see that you have a serious business, you will be happy to spread your name and your services. A job usually leads to another.

Distribute your cards and promote your services in garden centers in the area and among the staff in charge of lawn care. If the garden center does not have a team of gardeners, then you will have problems in your services have to deal with plants that have for sale. Most of the lawn care staff has no interest in dealing with the maintenance work and gardening. They get their money mowing the lawn as quickly as possible. If you are working responsibly they are likely to recommend you customers. Always try to do a good job, because it will broaden your career opportunities.

Visit local banks and real estate to distribute your business cards. No matter if a house is for sale or in foreclosure, the place needs to look good. They may want to plant some flowers to make the house look better and well maintained and could then hire you. You can also contact with contractors and construction companies in the area to find work. They may need someone for a landscaping job in one of the houses.

Advertise your business and services in local newspapers. You might want to do some maintenance work until the business of gardening better. Sometimes when you take care of the care of a place, you can use to convince the owner to add some fresh plants to make it prettier, and thus get more work. It included in the ad all the services you are willing to offer.

Spread your business all around. You cannot do too much publicity as you try to get a job. But once you have obtained a couple of jobs, you have references that will help you find more work. You might want to take pictures of your gardening work to show to prospective customers. Surely your business will not grow from the overnight, but if you try working and are patient, you should not take to see success and profits.

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If you love plants and do not mind getting dirty, it might be a good idea to start a small landscaping business what’s better than getting money for doing something you like? It is not so difficult to neither organize a landscaping business nor need to have large sums...